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OMG, I'm back! DA was being a dick 'cause I couldn't log in to the site from the laptop or any other device unless it was through the app on my ipad or phone. Seriously. I waited weeks just to get back on through the laptop and now I can submit photos and artwork. Eek!
Happy And Crazy  OHNOES_  dr00l_ who I am?
:iconlarunplz: rainbow thoughts Britney Spears Super Excited Pink La:youdontseeme: emote 
Now besides that, I guess due to depression I became a total bitch and had a phase where I cut my own hair super short. Still looks good, I love it. I'z gotz me zome talent. Woooooorrrd.
 Epic Haircut (Korra)Jinx IconMe vs me emoticon-versionJake Pitts LaRaven Hair Out Of Face PlzSherlock Hair Ruffle:bademoticon:          
I'm doing a lot better now. Well, more crazier than usual but can't complain. C8 What can I say, madness runs in the family, both families actually... Damn, feels good to lose your mind sometime. Am I right? 
:crazy: Art Trade - Crazy Happy EmoteIMing: Nuts freak lunatic hell demon laugh :epic-shock::psychotic: revision 2
 crazy thingFool Emoji-32 (Crazy Dance) [V3] Junko Enoshima (Crazy Laugh) [V3] Gir Answers the DoorcrazyCrazy
So yeah, I'm ALIVE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-chokes-coughs-ahem.... Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh.:thatcrazy:
  • Listening to: MUSIC!... And my laughter (happy but creepy)
  • Reading: Internet stuff, maybe people's diaries or thoughts
  • Watching: YouTube, baby, it's life.... 83
  • Playing: Far Cry 3 (My new obsession that I can relate to)
  • Eating: Meat, delicious meat >:}
  • Drinking: Flavored water, with a side of pop :b
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