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Well, if you seen my previous journal showing a video about the fan-made game (Jurassic Park: Aftermath) or seen/heard the game on youtube and such, then you know what I'm talking about.

Jurassic Park: Aftermath is still in development, now rather the creator will continue to finishing the game or abandoning it is unclear. But last year he posted updates of the game which had beautiful graphics, open-world environments and stunning construction of the buildings, nature and even the raptors are lovely to look at. He has a few websites showing off his amazing work. Here:……

It's just amazing how one person, with the help of another in certain aspects, can create so much by taking his time and working hard. This is devotion. And I think we need more people like him out there creating video games. Just an opinion. 

Also, there's a demo out called Project Crynosaurs (a.k.a. Collision Course): and…

An open-world adventure where you have to survive against dinosaurs. As far as I know, it's still technically under development but the creators release updates, so the game is improving.
Here's a gameplay video:

Here are some videos of Aftermath:

Just look how gorgeous these games look. I really want to play them. Maybe when I get a new laptop I could at least get the demo for Project Crynosaurs.

What do you think? Are there any games out there you want to discuss about? If so, just leave a comment.

-Ashley K.

So, some of you may be aware that a movie will be based off of the video game reboot. And the star of that movie will have actress Alicia Vikander to become the live-action Lara Croft. I will post links to show news and videos.

I am so excited for this film to come out. I want to see it! I'm a huge Tomb Raider fan. Since the 90's, baby. Right when it first came out. Good times.……

OMG, I'm back! DA was being a dick 'cause I couldn't log in to the site from the laptop or any other device unless it was through the app on my ipad or phone. Seriously. I waited weeks just to get back on through the laptop and now I can submit photos and artwork. Eek!
Happy And Crazy  OHNOES_  dr00l_ who I am?
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Now besides that, I guess due to depression I became a total bitch and had a phase where I cut my own hair super short. Still looks good, I love it. I'z gotz me zome talent. Woooooorrrd.
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I'm doing a lot better now. Well, more crazier than usual but can't complain. C8 What can I say, madness runs in the family, both families actually... Damn, feels good to lose your mind sometime. Am I right? 
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So yeah, I'm ALIVE!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-chokes-coughs-ahem.... Yeeeeaaaaahhhhh.:thatcrazy:
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  • Listening to: Good music
  • Reading: internet stuff, duh
  • Watching: YouTube or movies
  • Eating: Meat
  • Drinking: Flavored water…
  • Listening to: Good music
  • Reading: internet stuff, duh
  • Watching: YouTube or movies
  • Eating: Meat
  • Drinking: Flavored water
I just watched it not too long ago, today actually. And I loved it! It's definitely way better than Batman Vs Superman, I thought that movie was a flop until the epic battle where Wonder Woman fights in. Speaking of which, saw the Wonder Woman trailer AND Assasin's Creed trailer! I want to see those movies. 
Computer is fixed, now it works wonderfully. And got a new printer/scanner. So expect new artwork soon. :)
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  • Watching: YouTube or movies
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I really don't want Michael Bay in any part of the move (didn't want him direct the first four). And apparently, he isn't done with the franchise even though he said he was for that last film. Don't get me wrong, I love the movies (only because of the robots, hence the the name of the movies "transformers") but there were a lot of things I did not like about the series. However, I am hoping that this new film will be a bit better, as in story, plot and characters. But that's all my opinion. Still will see the next installment no matter what.…

Now, as for the next tomb raider movie, there is officially a new actress for the reboot. I don't know about Alicia (forget her last name) being a Lara Croft, but if the actress who played Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman amazes me, then maybe this one would amaze me, too. And in the site below, there are hints about Tomb Raider 3 found in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Don't know if that means for the reboot movie or for the possible upcoming game. But either way, I'm excited.…

Thank you for reading this journal. Please leave a comment about what your thoughts are of the upcoming films; or anything else for that matter. Again, thank you. :)
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So, been real busy with life. I am studying really hard on math so I can past my final GED test (taking me forever). Also, taking care of things on the property and caring for animals and cleaning/organizing house... I also have been stressed out because of personal reasons. I can't use my iPad for at least a month. I might be still able to post artwork on here but it's gonna take some time. I'm really sorry for the delay in art activity. And just to let you all know, at least this month and maybe the next, I won't be so active here on DA or on any other sites. I check messages and like I said before I will post some artwork. So, don't worry about a thing. Ok?

And thank you all for the watches, faves, and llamas. Sorry for not thanking you personally, but the least I can do is show my gratitude to you awesome artists out there. Again, thank you!

Peace out!

The White Wolf
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Thank you, oOSnowCroweOo, for showing the first gameplay to us. That's where I found out about the news. Here's the video:…
:happybounce: :o (Eek) :D (Big Grin) I am a dummy! La la la la :) (Smile) I think I've fainted. 

Now I got more news. I am still looking out for more information and I will keep updating until its release, which will be April 25 I think (then I'll make a journal about the gameplay, story/plot and characters separately). So stay tuned.
If you can help with any info or link to sites/vids, that would be appreciated.



Did you hear about the Outlast: Trinity. Basically, all three games (the first, DLC, and sequel) will be in one package upon the new installment of the series. Collector's edition if you may want to call that. I think I'll stick with Steam (but need a new PC).

There is also a comic book based on the game:…

Also, Australia almost banned the game. But since it's been modified (so, what i read so far) and with an 18+ rating, people in the country can play the game without a problem... I think.
Can you guess why Outlast 2 was almost banned? There are many but one stands out the most...
Here's a link:…
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Well, for one I need to retake my last GED test for math. My score was just a few points below passing. Of course it's math so I wasn't really surprised I failed but still kinda bothered me for a bit. Did a lot of things lately. I was a part of the Peach Blossom Parade, I was just sitting in the truck pulling a race car. It was a Speed-Way thing. I did a lot of recording so there will be a video of the parade on my Youtube channel. Posted new vids on Youtube of my pets, so go check it out. Also, I've been drawing again, practicing here and there, and getting back to drawing my original characters... I miss them, and making new ones. I will continue to write so don't worry about any stories being left unfinished. 

Whew, that's a handful right there, and that's not even all the things I've been doing. Been really busy. I will post new artwork her and on other sites I go to. Hopefully soon. That's all for now.

-Ashley Kunze (aka The White Wolf (I prefer this name over the one I have now))…

So, I have a theory that the sequel will have a female protagonist who goes to another facility where the Murkov (did I spell that right?) corporation continued its experimentations on female patients. Remember there were only male patients in the first game because the women were having severe side effects that were killing them, or at least caused phantom pregnancies, and had to moved to a different facility. Now I think there be men there too. Also, remember the writing on the wall in the first you find before coming across Dr. Trager? First fingers, then balls, then tongue. Well, Miles lost a couple of fingers by Trager. Waylon almost lost his balls by Eddie (close call). And now the next victim might lose her tongue (if it is a she), probably because women scream more than men, or whoever the next variant will be just likes to cut tongues. Well, that's just a guess really. But this all may take place in a forest, if you watch the trailer then you see an upside down cross burning in the open surrounded by trees.

What do you think might happen in the new installment? Please leave a comment. Thank you. :)

Update: Nope! Was totally wrong! Too bad though... Actually, I'll make a fan fic. That should put me the mood to do more of what I love. Yeah!
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Time to enter a new year. CHARGE! Sword Tard 

Watch this new year danceness! >:D…

And here is another vid that plays an old but unique song called Auld Lang Syne:…
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Yesterday was my last day of school. I had math as my final class since my last GED test is math. So, I'm going to study my butt off and take the final test. YAY! I'm also working on getting my driver's license since I got my permit last month. And it's almost Christmas! Well, I don't really like holidays but I'll try to behave myself during this holiday.... Maybe. >:}

Anyway, expect more artwork from me since I don't have school. I will go back to college of course but that's not going to be for a while. Hopefully I won't be too busy with other things to interfere with my art and writing. 

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Tell me what you thought of my video. Please.
Check out my brother's youtube channel here:…
 See his channel, watch his videos, ENJOY!!! ......... Thank you. :3
The first 20 people commenting wanting to be featured on this journal will be featured bellow with three deviations I pick.
In return, you MUST to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three pieces of my art on the first place.
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

CLAUDE X MIMI by QueenObscurePairings Silhouette Ratty by QueenObscurePairings<da:thumb id="543745590"/>
Sly and namine by Kova360 Sly Cooper by Kova360 Abigail by Kova360
Best zombie pranks:…

I laughed so hard. The funny thing is that most people just run or do stupid things. I don't run, instead the stupid thing I do is fight. Yep, with my temper mixed with fear that 'zombie' better be the one running. Lol

So, who's going to be a zombie this Halloween (I was a couple of years ago, I'll post a pic of what I looked like soon.)? Or just any monster for this year?
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First off, I've been drawing and actually finished a few of my artworks. Second, I finished chapter 3 for my fanfic You Will Be Mine (I will post it ASAP) and made the plot for chapter 4. And third, I have been organizing the groups I am admin. of.

I seriously want to get my own pc so I can record gameplays or take screen shots. I miss video games, haven't played for a while now.

Besides DA stuff, I've been going to college to get my GED. I have one more test to take then I'm done and ready for art school or something like that. I have also just been happy. Sure there are ups and downs sometimes but I feel better. I have to still face my personal problems, like I'm still struggling with depression and PTSD but now it's easier to handle. Wow, look at all the ranting here, I should stop myself before its too late. Thank you for reading.

Oh look! A piece of CANDY!
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Last Thursday, there was a shooting at a campus and 10 people are dead, a few injured. Here at my school, RCC, we're supporting the people who were there to witness the tragedy. Other colleges were helping out as well. Well, today, the college I go to and another one had to be evacuated because of the bomb threats. It happened right after I left campus, around 10:30 am. I was so worried about my friends but I got from one of them saying everyone is fine. I knew no one got hurt but still... I'm afraid for my friends and family. I would stand up and fight for anyone if it means to save them. I would... I'm not the only person who feels this way. Just sick of these threats, these killings, just... Everything that is bad! It's always the innocent that gets hurt the most! Sorry... Just been tough so far and just the beginning of this month, too. But you know what? We're going to stay strong. We're going to be there for each other. You may already know this, you're probably doing this right now, we need to stand up for what's right. I'll stop ranting now. Again, I'm sorry if this sort of thing depresses you or makes you uncomfortable, but this is how I'm feeling right now and probably would for the rest of my life.

(I know I post this in the comment on my main page but this does really bother me and I want you to know what happened and how I feel.)
I'm drawing TMNT artwork (haven't in a long time) and its going to be of Splinter. I saw the last episode for season 3, it made me so emotional. If you haven't seen it yet you should but be warned it could make you sad, angry, or both. The pictures I'm working on *spoiler* are of Splinter when he was alive with sons, happy; and the other one when he... When he died and his sons were there beside him before the earth was destroyed. I am seriously angry at Shredder, at the episode, and especially at nickelodeon. Again, if you haven't seen it, well, you been warned.

But I do have a theory: the robot that saved the turtles will help them time travel and save everyone. That's what I'm hoping anyway. Well, we'll see what happens in season 4.

I will post more artwork when the computer is fixed and have a scanner to use.

I am working on other pieces too. So sorry for the lack of artwork. I'll try to post some as soon as I can.